Información general

Fennel is a plant native to the Mediterranean coastal region, although today it is widespread in regions of Asia, Europe and North America. Its scientific name is Foeniculum vulgare and is the only species of the genus Foeniculum although it belongs to a wider family, the Apaiceae, family in which they include celery, cilantro, dill, anise and parsley.

Fennel is a plant very similar to celery but with a flavor similar to that of anise. The plant can grow up to almost 2 m in height and all its parts are edible and beneficial to health. In addition, today, the uses of fennel are diverse and is widely used in gastronomy, as well as remedy and medicinal compound. One of the key components of delicious Italian sauce is fennel.


Fennel has been used since ancient times to treat different ailments and conditions. Among the best known properties of fennel we can mention:

  • One of the most known uses of fennel is its property to reduce appetite. This was not only used in the battle, but also by the monks who used it in times of fasting.
  • Another of the properties of fennel is its ability to reduce sleep.
  • Over the centuries, fennel has been used to regulate menstruation and to treat colic due to the phytoestrogen which is present as natural estrogen in women.
  • Fennel also has expectorant properties, improves vision and stomach upsets.
  • The properties of fennel and its benefits on the cardiac system are abundant, helping to improve the pressure and reduce hypertension.