Quality Pioneers

Agromark is able to collect, prepare, precooling and send your product in just 12 hours.

Agromark manufactures directly in the field 90% of total production. We can tailor any of our products in the field, and we made only in stock due to bad weather, when it rains it is not possible work in production farms.

The advantages of the preparation in the field are:

Less camera-stock product

The amount of product in cameras is reduced. We do not store raw material in chambers for weeks.

Reducing product handling.

Other producers manipulate, on average, the product in three occasions. We only once.

The product is cooler

Consumers can enjoy the original and purest taste of food, unmodified.

A Better Quality

The product has more quality, it does not break the cold chain, it is not hit when cutting into bathtubs.

Our Secret

Agromark collects, manufactures, pre-cooled and shipped in just 12 hours the product, so that is cut in the morning and sent on the same day in the afternoon. We achieve this through:

The infrastructure we have in the field, with 26 wells, 3 platforms and 3 platforms with furnaces for making broccoli in second skin.

The Vacuum Cooler, which allows us to lower the product temperature from 20º C to 3º C, in 1 hour maximum cycles.
Our teams have been with us for over 15 years, have extensive experience and are consolidated teams without turnover. Fully understand and apply the philosophy of the company work in all production processes, from the beginning in the nurseries, all the way into the shipment.