Systems more respectful and related with the habitats of our farms and their surroundings

The LEAF Marque protocol aims to provide consumers with the confidence that producers have been careful in the production of food and other products.

This protocol confirms that the product has been produced in a responsible manner with the environment. LEAF Marque producers take care of the future of our environment, our fauna, our flora and our rural environment.

This certification adds an indication of the application of high environmental standards in food production.

Agromark Ophf in its seventh campaign working with the Leaf quality protocol, already has a total of 600 Ha certified under this regulation.

After all these work campaigns, the company has consolidated an environmental policy for all its farms with a clear commitment to continuous improvement and short- and medium-term objectives in terms of environmental improvement, trying to develop a kind of production that is most respectful And related with the different habitats that are in our farms and in its margins.

LEAF Agromark